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VIV in Russia again


2nd International exhibition VIV Russia 2005 and 4th International Forum “Meat and Poultry Industry. Frozen foods. Equipment. Technologies. Transport” will be held on 1-3 of June 2005 in the exhibition complex “Crocus Expo” (Moscow).

Organizers: Exhibition company “Asti Group” (Russia) and VNU Exhibitions Europe (Holland).

This decision was taken by board of VNU Exhibitions Europe on 14th of January in Utrecht (Holland) after negotiations with their Russian partner, exhibition company “Asti Group”. The great success of their last year first team exhibition approved great interest for chosen subject that attracts more and more participants from Russia, CIS countries and foreign countries.

Three basic development trends for 2005, appointed by Ministry of Agriculture of Russian Federation, include forced development of cattle breeding in conditions of importsubstitution inside home markets, development of grain production with outlook of export growth and stable development of rural territories.

The Ministry of Agriculture developed “The strategy of agroindustrial complex and fishery development” that was presented to The Government of Russian Federation. Its basic purpose is security for dynamic, effective and stable development of agroindustrial complex. Acceleration of economic growth is planned on basis of raising of competitiveness and efficiency of agroindustrial production, arrangements of conditions for stable rural territories expansion and, first of all, reconstruction and building-up social engineering village infrastructure, expansion of nonagricultural employment for rural sector and also reproduction improvement for natural resources usable in agriculture.

Russia has “very serious prides to place its agrarian production on foreign markets” announced Minister of Agriculture of Russian Federation, Mr Aleksey Gordeev, opening the Russian exposition in the framework of international agroindustrial exhibition-fair “Green Week” in Berlin.

In Minister’s opinion, Russia “has a real opportunity to enter the European and foreign markets with Russian foodstuff”. As Mr Gordeev mentioned, “Russia possesses a huge innovation potential in the field of agriculture”.

Meeting the agroindustrial complex development trends, VIV Russia for the first time negotiated a new conception for organizing such events: “From feed to meet” that presented all possible segments: from equipment for food processing industry, feeds, veterinary medicine and cattle breeding to equipment for farms, slaughter, meat and egg processing, ingredients and meat production.

Last year 195 companies from 23 countries (Russia, CIS countries, Europe and Asia) and about 6500 visitors took part in VIV Russia 2004. Still, taking in view raising interest for innovative cattle breeding in Russia and active support of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russian Federation, organizers expect the number of exhibitors and visitors to be increased.

Press department of the “Asti Group” exhibition company
Tel.: +7 095 797 69 14
Fax: +7 095 797 69 15

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