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Quality and Safety of Food Products on the First Place


The international seminar on Food Safety, Traceability and Quality Standards of Poultry Meat and Egg Products, organized by UNECE and the All-Russian Scientific-Research Institute for Poultry Processing (VNIIPP), completed its work.

Over two days – October 29 and 30, 2009 scientists, professionals and practitioners from 10 countries from all over the world: Australia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Poland, Russian Federation, USA, France, Ukraine and European Commission (Brussels) were discussing in Moscow the most important aspects of quality of poultry meat, eggs as well as live stock meat and other food products, which compose the basis of food allowance of population from most countries across the globe.

The representatives of UNECE, leading specialists from USA, Australia and Poland shared their experiences and expertise. These countries achieved much success in creation and development of electronic product traceability methods, which apply starting from the parent and ancestor stock, throughout supplies of feeds and veterinary medicines, to supplies of Ready to Eat products for the end-customer. Moreover, thanks to these systems, at any stage it is easy to reveal unsafe products and recall them from turn-over.

Undoubtedly, countries-exporters of poultry meat, primarily these are US, Europe and Australia, whose export activity to Russia grows each year, accomplished great results in terms of compliance with the UNECE standards and requirements. Russia is not ready to export its products yet, however, according to the forecasts of specialists, it is just a matter of two-three years since the production level of poultry meat and eggs follows the up-ward trend and the issue of compliance with the requirements and standards of UNECE under the conditions of potential export activity is already acute and pressuring. That is exactly why all the participants pointed out the timeliness and importance of discussed matters at the seminar. Besides coverage of international issues, the participants heard presentations of Russian scientists regarding most contemporary innovations, specific stages of carcass cuts, analysis of qualitative and quantitative indicators, which determine safety of raw materials and finished products. The participants of the seminar from Ukraine and Belarus also talked about current situation on poultry breeding farms and processing plants, technical regulations and practical implications of the situation.

All presentations caused live response and feed back from the audience, throughout the presentation and over the breaks the participants engaged in discussions of specific problems related to food safety of poultry meat and egg products. Certain agreements concerning further strengthening of cooperation and partnership in order to address global issues and find specific solutions that could be applied in different countries of the world, closer exchange of experiences, more active joint work with the scientific world of other countries and UNECE were reached by the end of the seminar. One would be able to get familiar with the presentations of the seminar soon on the web sites and

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