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Exponents' opinion


Yuliya SHARANDINA, Marketing Manager, Alltex

The standard of this exhibition supersedes that of the previous one. This is explained by a combination of the European and Russian VIV. This exhibition is more representative. Last year, it was rather boring. As for the customers who visited our booth (in addition to those invited by us) and those invited by the exhibition via its advertising campaign, we aren’t too happy: there were few customers. I don’t know the reasons: it might be the location of our booth in a remote area, or the brand not popularized enough, but we would really like to see more visitors. I can’t say it was just no-go but I would like to have more. The organization of the exhibition was OK. The company’s experts haven’t visited the exhibition events.

Mikhail BOYKO, Ready-to-Eat Food and Components Product Manager, ZAO Convenience Food Systems AO

There were lots of contacts at the exhibition, and we think it was quite a success. Few and far between but to the point, I would say, for there were not so many customers but all of them were really important. We have had a good stock and that’s going to last for quite a period of time in the future, for the weeks of further work. We didn’t attend any exhibition events putting the emphasis on the contacts with customers and spending all the time only to develop contacts with the companies’ representatives. The information support was really of a good professional standard. Information was available and easy to find. Everything looked up to the mark.

Alexander NADTOCHIY, Branch Director, OOO FABS Refrigeration

Our company missed the exhibition in the past few years, though we used to participate in it before. On the whole, the exhibition is traditional for us – we know its structure and those who visit it as well as the requirements set by professionals attending it. We are aimed at the end user and there is no doubt we find the one here. The organization of the exhibition is clear-cut and detailed. The only thing we feel sorry about is that it operates for only three days. We would like it to work longer. Our country is so large, a lot of foreign partners visit it, and they don’t have a good chance to view the entire exhibition in three days and see all the innovations presented by us or our colleagues as well as professionals from other industries. There are lots of interesting things here, and three days are not enough to see them all. Of course, we’re satisfied with the number of visitors. Yesterday (the second day) was quite demonstrative in terms of new customers. Exhibitions are more than just image events for boosting the company’s status – they are for the attraction of new customers. The number of new customers who visited our booth yesterday was quite impressive. We hope to have the same results today, but if we had five days of operation we could have much more customers.

We were also interested in the aspects covered by the workshops though considering the fact that the exhibition worked for only three days we were unable to delegate a special employee to prepare reports and take part in the discussion. So we decided to focus on our contacts with professionals visiting the exhibition.

The information support for the exhibition was adequate enough though the Internet and mailing for end customers could be used in a more efficient way. We made all phone calls to our customer group ourselves inviting professionals to come to the exhibition. Some people didn’t know about the exhibition. Of course, those who have worked long enough in this field are familiar with it but the industry keeps growing on an annual basis and there are quite a number of new and young professionals who might have no information on the exhibition. They should certainly be taken into account in the future.

– Your colleagues who also produce refrigerating equipment have said the exhibition is just nothing, and you claim it to be a success. They have a similar booth and ads on it. Why such a difference in opinions?

– I don’t know the reason. Perhaps it’s an advantageous location of our booth. We made a point of selecting it working in cooperation with the exhibition managers and directors. Then we worked with the designers making the booth bright and attractive, giving the idea of the company’s activities even without any actual dialogue with the people attending the exhibition. Any visitor approaching our booth could see what we are in, so maybe that also worked out. The suppliers of processing equipment who are the leaders of our industry had their booth next to ours, and they also enjoyed a stream of visitors. But we really relied on getting such a result when selecting the location for our booth.


We take part in this exhibition for the third time. This year, the exhibition looks much more impressive as compared to the last year’s one. As for the number of visitors, I guess if we were completely satisfied we would have nothing to strive for. But there are more of them this year. Russian regions are represented quite adequately. Our experts tried attending one of the workshops but remained unimpressed. The information support for the exhibition is up to the mark.

Olga LEONOVA, Marketing Manager, PRAXIS Engineering

The exhibition is very large. This year, the number of participating companies is much greater. The exhibition is very dynamic, and we had lots of visitors at our booth. We’re quite satisfied with the geographical profile of the visitors, and some companies were even from neighboring countries. The information support and advertising campaign can be appraised positively – the exhibition is open for the promotion of the exhibition itself as well as any company. We provided the information, and it was mailed using the database of the organizers, which was a nice thing. There was a lot of advertising in the Internet at large websites, both foreign and Russian ones, which promoted the exhibition. Unfortunately, our experts didn’t attend any workshops or conferences. Our customers did, and they informed us thereof but our employees were too busy at the booth.

Sergey KOVALCHUK, Director of Valco Russia

We take part in this exhibition for the third or fourth time, as far as Moscow is concerned, and we participated in the exhibitions in Hanover and Utrecht before. In terms of the number of visitors or working meetings, this exhibition is much better than the previous ones. We would really like the next exhibition to be no worse than this one. Unfortunately, we had so much work at the booth that we failed to take part in any workshops or conferences. As for the information support for the exhibition or advertising, I have nothing to complain of. I have just a recommendation – to plan better the first days of preparation for the exhibition, perhaps making it a less red-tape. The general impression is that the exhibition is superb and we plan to participate in it in the future.

Yelena LYUBENKO, Director of the Marketing Department, Production Association Texha

The Production Association Texha (Ukraine) and its dealer in Russia ZAO Agrosystema shared the booth at the exhibition not for the first time. This year, the visitors will have a chance to see the renovated coop equipment – coops for keeping broilers and laying hens. The displayed products meet the requirements of European standards. Due to the fact that the exhibition has the international status, the adherence to European standards, in our opinion, should attract the attention of foreign experts to the equipment on display. There are a large number of customers among those visiting the exhibition – in fact, all Russian regions are here. Our customers face certain challenges relating to the financing, yet poultry factories are being renovated, re-equipped and the equipment is purchased for them.

Natalia Bokhan, Deputy Director, RUSPP First Minsk Poultry Factory

The Belptitseprom Poultry Association participates in the exhibition for the second time presenting a joint booth. Earlier, starting from 2005, the Byelorussian poultry factories participated in the exhibition independently. Yet the joint booth gives better chances to provide the customers with information on the country’s poultry industry. At the previous exhibitions, we learnt a lot of new things. A number of enterprises began re-equipment as a result of their experts visiting the exhibition and concluding really useful contracts. We purchase the equipment of European standards, attend conferences, keep updated on feeding the poultry and, of course, get promoted this way. We are proud of getting our share of attention when we participate in the contests. This is an incentive for the progress of production, for moving ahead. To have the award of the Chicken King exhibition is something that really matters. A very beautiful symbol and the products bearing these symbols go off better. But the most precious award is the consumers’ recognition.

Victoria VIOLINA, General Director of VIK – Zdorovye Zhivotnykh (Animals’ Health)

It’s not for the first time that we take part in the exhibition, which was already held in Moscow for several years, and our company participated in the same exhibition but held in Holland before. Thus, we’re experienced participants with a record. The exhibition is becoming more and more professional attracting greater numbers of exhibitors from different countries and becoming more similar to the exhibition that we saw in Holland. It really acquires the international status. The development of an exhibition in the new territory has always been a challenge but today VIV can say that the Crocus Expo site has become for it just as native as Jarbes in Utrecht. We work with large farms that are actually few in Russia, yet new visitors come, representing the farms, poultry factories or complexes that had their operations suspended for some time and are now back and have progress. The information support for the exhibition is really good. The only thing the public dislikes is jams on the way to the Crocus Expo.

Yevgeniy Zhuravlyov, Director for Strategic Development, Vita Grant

We participate in this exhibition for the third time. We considered it a must because we like the public coming to it as well as the organization standard, illumination facilities and level of preparation for the exhibition. We have already concluded eight contracts here (after two days of work) and this will enable us to achieve the goals we have set in the nearest three, four or five years. We mostly focus on cooperation with foreign companies but we have arranged to meet with our Russian partners here, so that they could have a chance to cooperate directly with suppliers at the exhibition. Thus, we’re a kind of mediators between the world manufacturing companies and Russian companies. We would like our experts to see and appreciate the standard, the world quality we are offering. Experts from our Research and Consulting Department attended the conferences. These were very helpful for us. Of course, there were certain challenges like specific features of the Russian market. That’s where we had some debates with the speakers because mostly Western companies presented reports and the Russian market is different from the Western one. This exhibition is aimed more at Western companies. The Grain. Veterinary. Compound Feed exhibition held in February was aimed more at Russian consumers and this one is aimed at the European, higher level. Russian enterprises that operate meeting the Western standards have also come to the exhibition.

Yelena SHAROVATOVA, Director of the Advertising Department, PTF Cryotech

In our opinion, there are few visitors and representatives of poultry factories at the exhibition though the information support and advertising was generally sufficient.

Vasiliy FRIZEN, General Director of MegaMix Group

We took part in the exhibitions held in the All-Russian Exhibition Center for five or six years and realized that we can get in contact with international partners here because our production is mature enough and is sufficient to provide supplies to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine. We would like to find partners here. We used to attend this exhibition as visitors. At the exhibition held in the All-Russian Exhibition Center, we can have more contacts with customers and factories. But an advantage of this exhibition is that one can get many international contacts here, find new partners and raw materials suppliers. From this point of view, we find it quite adequate.

Alexandra NIKITINA, Marketing Manager, Niva Bio Factory

We participate in this exhibition for the first but hopefully not the last time. The standard of the exhibition is quite high, with actually all Europe being represented here. We liked the booths of the companies very much though we haven’t completed touring the exhibition yet. We got familiar with lots of companies and exchanged contact information. Various companies showed their interest in our products and we’re interested in theirs. These companies are located mostly in China, Korea, the USA and Brazil. We are quite satisfied with the organization level and the only problem seems to be the transportation by buses. All other things are really great. The information support is at a high level, a lot of data are available and really easy to get. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to attend the conferences as we have loads of work at the booth.

Yelena KLENKINA, Marketing Manager, OOO Provimi

We have been participating in the exhibitions since 2004. This exhibition attracted more companies from a larger number of countries than in the previous years. The exhibition is really interesting. It’s a bit too early to assess the results. We perform the monitoring of visitors after the exhibition processing the data and we have kept our files since 2004 comparing the results and assessing them. The organization of the exhibition is good. The information support, in my opinion, looks rather unsatisfactory because our foreign partners specified some faults in it. They were surprised not to see any billboards on the way – taking into account it was VIV Europe. When it comes to the Champions League final, the billboards are all over Moscow, and here just none.

Igor KOSILOV, Marketing Director, OAO Pyatigorskselmash

Our participation in the exhibition last year provided us with new customers, contracts and improved the image of our company, and enabled us to report on the integration of our company with OAO Energomera Concern. Our participation in the exhibition this year not only met our expectations but exceeded them. The objectives and tasks we’ve set have been met at the 200% level, and they have even outstripped the target.

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