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"Refrigeration Industry" 2011

"Refrigeration Industry" 2011

Timur Kuvazhokov, head of sales and marketing department, company "Veles-Agro", Russia

- The exhibition was very interesting and useful for us. Our objectives were to expand horizons of communication, find new customers, partners, raise competitiveness, increase sales, have a look at the market. And we succeeded. We have found new clients from Moscow, Moscow region, Tula and central regions of Russia who have got interested in our products.

Olga Anokhina, the head of public relations department, VIC Group of Companies, Russia

- The exhibition has been very productive for our company. Customers and experts from various regions of Russia came to our booth and got acquainted with the products that we represent here. Therefore, the exhibition could be called the All-Russian. We can already say that we have acquired new partners from the regions.

Jaroslav Bortyuk, senior manager of Elanco Animal Health, Russia

- The exhibition was very interesting and useful for us. Though there were not so very many contacts, they were all very important to us. This can be compared to fishing, either you catch a lot of small fish, or a few big. Here we have had the second option. Among the visitors were representatives from Moscow, Moscow region, Ural region; very productive discussions were held with the exhibitors.

Euan Meldrum, marketing manager of Cobb Europe Ltd, UK; Nikita Golovlyov, a representative of the Moscow office of Cobb Europe Ltd

- This year the exhibition was more productive for us than in 2009. We saw a lot of new exhibiting companies, and were happy to see many professionals among the visitors who came to us from Russia, Israel, Turkey, Spain, the Czech Republic and other countries.

Alfir Jachin, science advisor, Alltech LLC, Russia

- It was very interesting to work at the exhibition. We have acquired new partners, saw the new developments that can be put into practice to create a modern animal husbandry.

Every year the organization of the exhibition is getting better, the conditions of participation for exhibitors are improving. This year we met both with our regular partners as well as with new people. It is worth noting that this year the geography of the visitors was more representative, indicating the greater awareness about the exhibition. Our stand was visited by the experts from Siberia, Tomsk and other regions of Russia. We also had negotiations with representatives from Armenia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and other countries.

Sergei Ivanov, manager of the company Big Dutchman, Russia

- Everything is colorful and comfortable, the unconstrained business atmosphere that is conducive to conducting business negotiations, dialogues and cooperation. We had business negotiations with representatives of relevant companies from Yakutia, Kamchatka, foreign companies from Germany and other countries.

Alexander Garzanov, general director of Group of Companies Agro-3. Ecology LLC, Russia

- We have had about 60 serious contacts during three days of the exhibition. Among them 40 – new. Experts from almost all regions of Russia came to our booth: Siberia, Central Federal District. They were mostly interested in the construction of poultry houses, equipment, treatment facilities.

Svetlana Kandel, coordinator of logistics and customer service, company DSM Eastern Europe LLC, Alexander Gornev, marketing manager, Russia

- Our products aroused the interest of the representatives from Rostov, Tver, Kemerovo and the Republic of Tatarstan. We also met with our long-term partners from the U.S.A., Sweden, France, Belgium and other countries. We were very busy and are happy with the results.

Irina Tomskaya, manager of customer service, Cryoteck company, Russia

- Our company is based in Moscow (Lyubertsy district) and specializes in manufacturing and supplying of industrial refrigeration equipment. We are actively working with the regions. This year, we participated in four exhibitions, and VIV stands out in terms of high level of organization and cooperation opportunities. It has turned out to be a very fruitful exhibition. There were a lot of visitors and sufficient time was allocated for negotiations. At the round table, our company has submitted a report on airdrop cooling.

Dmitry Esin, director of representative office of Nordisher Maschinenbau Rud. Baader GmbH & Co. KG. KG, Denmark

- Our company is producing equipment for the food industry. As was expected, the exhibition is not very active, from our point of view, but a number of new visitors and regular partners makes it worth attending.

Igor Pilipenko, regional sales manager, Multivac Rus LLC, Russia

- Our company presents the packaging equipment for meat production. Impressions of the exhibition are very good. We participate in this exhibition not only to find new contacts, but to promote our products and to boost our image.

Elena Klenkina, marketing manager at Group of Companies Provimi, Russia

- We present at the Russian market the high-quality feed. Good exhibition, much needed, held at the European level. Presents an opportunity to show oneself and to see the others. We participate in many events but prefer VIV as the most effective exhibition. It is noted for its interesting workshops, business programs and, of course, a lot of customers.

Arthur Seleverstov, salesperson of Torgovy Dom Prostor, Russia

- Our company provides complete solutions for veterinary medicine. The exhibition is very useful for getting new contacts and for maintaining of the image. All major Russian and foreign manufacturers are presented here.

Andrei Andreyev, general manager of exhibitions and workshops of Pyatigorskselmash LLC

- At the exhibition we are presenting a modern equipment for the poultry industry. We have here a lot of things which are not presented on the other stands. In this segment of the market we occupy the leading position. With regard to the organization – it is perfect, I had participated in many exhibitions, but it is the best, many thanks!

Michele Prearo, sales manager, Facco SpA, Italy

- At the exhibition we represent the oldest Italian company from the city of Padua, which produces equipment for the poultry industry. This year we offer the latest cells for broilers. Our company works in cooperation with various regions of Russia. Among them St. Petersburg, Siberia, southern Russia. Today we signed a contract with a large poultry farm from Kazakhstan. Level of the event is very impressive; there are a lot of important people. Impressions on the whole are very positive.

Alexander Koliverda, senior manager of Hatchtech BV, The Netherlands

- Our company is engaged in the production, sale and maintenance of incubators.
Advertising of the exhibition is good; the organization level is quite high. We established new contacts; we focus mainly on major industrial producers, but there are many smaller participants as well. All existing customers - and it is almost all the major representatives of the poultry industry - have come to us, for the show is very important for them.

Elena Tregubova, sales manager CFS, Germany

- Our company is a major producer of food processing equipment. We are very pleased with the support of the organizers, and our teamwork brings tangible results. We plan to cooperate also in the future. There are a lot of market-leading companies at the exhibition. It is useful for us to establish new business relationships and to have a look at the competitors. At the next show the products of our company will be presented under the brand name of Gea.

Svetlana Volkova, sales support manager, Meyn Food Processing Technology BV, The Netherlands

- The Dutch company is presenting the complete solutions for the poultry industry. There are a lot of visitors at the exhibition. We participate in each show, as VIV is the most important exhibition for us; we have participated in it even during the crisis.

Irina Lobanova, senior sales manager, Peja International BV, The Netherlands

- At the exhibition we present the Dutch producer of equipment for the poultry industry. The show is good and organized at a high level; there is a sufficient number of visitors and customers. The major competitors are also represented here

Alexander Khudyakov, veterinary medical officer,RABOS International LLC, Russia

- At the exhibition we present detergents, disinfectants, equipment for livestock breeding, hatching equipment of Belgian company Peretsime. Organization level is high. Technical and engineering areas are widely represented; it would be nice to develop more the veterinary direction.

Violetta Zorya, project coordinator, Praxis Engineering Ltd., The Netherlands

- Our company is producing the advanced equipment for animal husbandry. It is not for the first time that we are participating in the exhibition. I would like to thank the organizers for their active assistance. It is important that the suppliers from the regions are represented at the exhibition.

Vladimir Larionov, head of design department of Prostor L company, Russia

- We produce, design and install the refrigeration equipment. All of our active contacts have taken place, so the exhibition was successful for us. Good organization, a positive experience. We are impressed by the scope of the event.

Tatiana Dzutseva, an employee of Pfizer Animal Health, USA

- Our company produces veterinary preparations for poultry and swine. All the key market players are represented at the exhibition. For our company the show is a very important event because it helps to coordinate activities and to establish new contacts.

Ludmila Blokhina, head of marketing and advertising department, THERMOCOOL Group of Companies, Russia

- Our company provides refrigeration equipment. We participate in VIV Russia for the second time, the exhibition is good, and there are a lot of visitors. We took part in the seminars and in the roundtable. All is well-organized. We will participate in the next exhibition.

Alexander Konev, sales manager, Haarslev Industries A / S, Denmark

- The company specializes in producing of technological equipment for processing of non-food animal products. We presented a wide range of equipment on our stand. Exhibition is productive, the impressions are very positive.

Yana Karpova, representative of Schulz Systemtechnik, Germany

- Our company has won a Grand Prix of the exhibition in the field of innovation for climate control equipment and organization of animal feeding. Exhibition was fruitful, it presented great opportunities for potential customers.

Vera Kvitko, head of marketing and advertising department, Tekhna company, Ukraine

- The Tekhna company - an internationally recognized producer of cells equipment for the poultry industry - once again was convinced of the effectiveness of participation in the exhibition VIV Russia and would like to thank the organizers for creation of this project. What do we get from this event? Firstly, the opportunity to showcase our new high-tech products to the large number of poultry farmers. Secondly, a lot of positive feedback about our products, which help us to move forward in the right direction. In addition, the organizers of VIV Russia are known for their creative approach, the evidence of which is a contest of innovations organized within the frames of the exhibition. By the way, the Tekhna company won the Grand Prix for innovation in the field of poultry - a cage "Baltic" with the possibility of walking of laying hens.

"Refrigeration Industry" 2009

"Refrigeration Industry" 2009

JSC «Pyatigorskselmash», Moscow, Russia
Igor Kosilov, Marketing director

Our company once again has become convinced of the usefulness and necessity of participation in this exhibition. Each year, the results of the exhibition not only surpass the results of previous years, but even our most daring expectations. The excitement at our booth, and an incredible number of visitors have resulted in many new and interesting contacts from both Russia and the CIS, as well as from other foreign countries. The only thing that upset us is the fact that because of the huge interest in our company none of the employees had the opportunity to visit the exhibition business program. We are seriously thinking about participation in the VIV Europe 2010 and have already submitted an application to participate in Moscow exhibition in 2011.

VAL-CO Russia, Moscow, Russia
Tatiana Bylkova, deputy director

Company VAL-CO (USA) makes systems for floor cultivation of poultry (broilers, rearing, breeders): watering system, feeding system, ventilation, heating and cooling of air, systems of automation and control of a microclimate, cages for layers and also watering system for cage, equipment for breeders and automatic nest. Our products have interested many visitors. We established new contacts with the representatives of not only Russian business but also of CIS countries such as Uzbekistan, Belarus and Ukraine. The company's management looks forward and plans to participate in the future VIV projects, both in Russia and in Europe. We wish all the organizers of the VIV Russia 2009 luck in their difficult task!

Big Dutchman, Moscow, Russia
Natalia Stelmakh, expert consultant on advertising

Big Dutchman offers in the Russian market equipment for poultry and pig farms. We try to satisfy all customer requirements at optimal cost of the project. The principles of our company result in a high demand for our products and services and the huge interest in our activities. At the exhibition in 2007 the interest in our exposition was so great that managers could not even for a moment leave the booth. To our surprise the preparation for the exhibition went very smoothly without any stress, which happens quite rarely. For this we express our special gratitude to the organizers.

Genesus Inc., Oakville, Canada
Jim Long, President - CEO

The exhibition is very well organized. Our company is one of the world leaders in pigs breeding. Our services have aroused great interest among Russian farmers and businessmen; it's nice to know that visitors arrived to the exhibition not only from Russia, but also from abroad. We are seriously thinking about participating in the exhibition in 2011.

Globe Fine Chemicals Holland BV, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Martin Krizhsman

Our company offers a wide range of feed and food additives, as well as vitamins, amino acids and drugs. The company's products are highly demanded in Europe, so this year we decided to enter the Russian market. We are pleased that our products have aroused great interest among Russian specialists and livestock companies. We conducted a series of negotiations with both Russian potential partners and with the representatives from CIS countries.

Linco Food Systems, Doesburg, Netherlands
Rudy Pollman, chief engineer

Our company has experienced a continuous growth over the past several decades to become one of the world's leading manufacturers of poultry processing equipment. In recent years LINCO has focused intensively on developing highly advanced, electronically controlled weighing, portioning and batching machinery to acquire a leading position in the world in this specialized field of business. We have worked very fruitfully at the exhibition, with every year our products become more and more in demand. Many thanks to the organizers for the perfectly organized exhibition and business program!

Jamesway Incubator Company Inc., Ontario, Canada
Keith McGlone, Director of International Sales & Marketing

Being one of the market leaders, our company offers a complete line of poultry incubation systems, ventilation systems, automation equipment and accessories. It is due to this fact that a great number of visitors showed interest in our exposition. During the second day of the show we had an unprecedented visitors' boom at our booth and we established a large number of new contacts with the representatives of different Russian regions - from Moscow to Siberia.

Castanye, Barcelona, Spain
Sebastia Castane

At the exhibition we presented a unique vehicle for animals transporting. In general, the impressions of the exhibition are positive and we plan to further develop relations with the VIV Russia project.

Walinga Inc., Canada
Paul Broekema, Vice President

Our company is engaged in manufacturing of farm equipment. It is not for the first time that we are participating in the exhibition VIV Russia and we can not help noting the high level and professionalism of organization. Our products have attracted great interest from the representatives of Russian business, including businessmen and farmers from the Ural and Siberia. We were especially pleased to discuss the details of cooperation with the new partners from the UAE. Given all this, we will make every effort to participate in VIV Europe 2010 and in VIV Russia 2011.

STORK Food Systems, Moscow, Russia
Christ van Zanvoort, general director

For us the exhibition was very successful. There was a large number of visitors at our booth during all days, which allowed us to find a lot of potential partners and customers from all regions of Russia, as well as from neighboring countries, for example from Ukraine and Uzbekistan. Our company has aroused so much interest among the visitors, that none of our managers had an opportunity to attend business events. I hope that at VIV Europe 2010 and VIV Russia 2011 my colleagues will take part in round tables and seminars. Once again, thanks to the organizers for the excellent professional exhibition!

OOO MPS Rus, Moscow, Russia
Yuri Mikaelian, projects support in Russia and the CIS

We are pleased to know that our company is the world leader in providing services for processing, packaging, transportation and storage of meat. A lot of companies turn to us, and we are delighted that we have expanded our customers’ data base through participation in the Meat & Poultry Industry / VIV Russia 2009. The exhibition was, as always, successful and we are planning to participate in upcoming events in Europe and in Russia.

The company "Porkonsalt" Consultations in pig breeding, France
Sylvan Longchamp, CEO

At this exhibition, we represent not only our own interests, but also those of the NOVECO and RO-Main companies. It is nice to know that our services have attracted interest from the visitors from Russia and Belarus. However, due to the large number of visitors we could not attend some interesting business events of the exhibition. VIV project is one of our top priorities, so we will be happy to participate in subsequent years.

KL Products Inc., Canada
R.J. Bennett, VP Sales and Marketing

Our company supplies equipment for poultry farming and food industry. At this exhibition we represent the interests of our old customers and partners, the Ronac, Jamesway and Gflobe Fine Chem companies. We liked the exhibition very much - many visitors and excellent organization.

OOO "PROVIMI», Moscow, Russia
Elena Klenkina, senior marketing manager

I would like to express my deep gratitude to the organizers of the exhibition. First and foremost, of course, for the idea of creating such a unique project that brings together all areas of the meat industry from breeding and feeding to the shelves. Only at this exhibition the industry professionals can find everything they need. I would like to note that in Russia the project is even more focused on B2B than the exhibition in Utrecht. We are taking part in the Meat & Poultry Industry / VIV Russia since 2004 and started with only 15 sq.m and by 2009 we have already grown to 75 sq.m. Today, we are among the market leaders, and are sure that our business as well as the exhibition will further develop. Therefore, we have already sent to the organizers, the Asti Group exhibition company, an application for participation in 2011.

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