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About exhibition

SAFETY AND QUALITY of food covering the entire food chain from primary production to finished products: “from feed to meat” is the main concept of “Meat & Poultry Industry / VIV Russia” international forum and “Refrigeration Industry” exhibition taking place within its frame.

In the food industry, refrigeration is one of the most delicate and complex applications as food requires treatment at different temperatures according to the phase of processing. Refrigeration slows down the proliferation of bacteria in food, allowing the organoleptic properties of food to be preserved, thus extending the conservation time. Food security of Russian Federation and the reduction of its import substitution depends to a great extent on the possibility of preserving, transporting and marketing of frozen and refrigerated goods, convenience foods, specialty products made from poultry, beef and pork, dairy products, eggs and egg-processed products. For storage, processing and sale, following the standards of quality and food safety, it is necessary to use modern innovative refrigeration technology and equipment. You will be able to get familiar with the most complete range of innovative solutions at the stands of exhibitors.

Main goals of the exhibition

  • To provide a complete overview of the industrial and commercial refrigeration market in Russia
  • To discuss the prospects of industry development and measures to be taken in order to support the implementation of artificial cold innovative solutions in the agro-industrial enterprises
  • To form an extensive business and customer sector in Russian domestic refrigeration industry
  • To create a platform for establishment of business relations with potential partners and exchange of information between leading industry specialists from all over the world

Business Programme

  • International Conference
  • Seminars
  • Business meetings and round table discussions
  • Contest of project innovations
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